We work to earn our living. In the pursuit of work, we don’t have time to live fully.

We are all hard-pressed and don’t have time to rest. We need to stop at least for a moment. More and more often, we forget about ourselves. Asked about how much time we spend to relax, we often answer: „not too much, I don’t have time for that”.  In most cases, relaxation is associated with trips to SPA, leisure centres or massage. And that’s why we don’t have time for that. However, assumption that relaxation is connected with going out is wrong.  An idea of PAUSE is to debunk this stereotype.

Assuming that:

once a month – it is really not too much –  believe that You may find such place in Your calendar!

straight to Your doors – You don’t have to go out!

Surprise Box will be delivered – full of carefully selected skin-care cosmetics from all over the world, squares of chocolate and various teas – oh, YES!

Do you still claim that You don’t have time to relax?

Say YES, take a PAUSE.

Good rest allows to regenerate and find a motivation. See for yourself. You need so little, and You can achieve so much!

Think about Your family and take care of them!
PAUSE is a great idea for a gift. You have so many occasions to give gifts to Your family. However, you often don’t know what to buy. PAUSE will take care of Your family, and gift will certainly be excellent- everyone deserves relaxation!