1. General information

This privacy policy defines the rules of processing and protection of personal data given by the Users in connection with the use of services through the Website.

  1. The administrator of personal data on the website is

PAUSE Natalia Goc with its registered office at Gajowa 9, 88-400 Żnin; Tax Identification Number (NIP) 5621808155, National Business Registry Number (REGON) 367759195.

  1. Out of concern for security of entrusted data, PAUSE developed internal procedures and recommendations that should prevent unauthorized people to gain access to data. It controls their performance and constantly check their conformity with relevant legal regulations – the Act on protection of personal data, the Act on Providing Electronic Services, as well as any regulations of Community law and implementing regulations.
  2. Personal data are processed based on the consent given by the User and in cases, in which provisions of law authorize PAUSE to process personal data on the basis of provisions of law or in order to perform an agreementconcluded between parties.
  3. The website executes the functions of acquiring information about users and their behaviours in the following way:

a)through voluntarily entered information in the forms,

b)through collection of “cookies” [see “cookies” policy].

  1. The website collects information voluntarily given by the User.
  2. Data given in a form are processed for the purpose resulting from the function of a specific

form, for example, in order to service an information contact.

  1. Personal data stored on the website shall not be sold or made available to third parties, in accordance with provisions of the Act on personal data protection.
  2. Data contained in a form may be inspected by natural person who placed them. Natural person has also right to modify and cease processing of their data at any moment.
  3. PAUSE reserves the right to make changes in the policy of privacy protection and development of Internet technology, potential changes of law within the scope of personal data protection and development of the website may have impact on it. PAUSE will inform about any changes in a visible and intelligible way.
  4. On the Website, there can be links to other websites. Such websites work independently of the Website and they are not, in any way,controlled by PAUSE website. These websites may have their own privacy policies and rules.

In case of doubts about any of the provisions of this privacy policy, please contact us: contact@your-pause.com.