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    1. Organic Shop- Kenyan Mango Body Scrub

      This fruity, aromatic body scrub with organic mango extract and natural sugar sumptuously exfoliates and renews your skin, giving it smoothness, silkiness and healthy glow.

      Directions: Apply a small amount of scrub to damp skin by slightly massasing in, then rinse. Use two or three times a week for the best results.

      Najel Dead Sea Bath Salt is reputed to be an efficient exfoliator. It purifies and revitalizes thoroughly to give clear skin and a radiant complexion.

      The Dead Sea is one of our planet’s unique bodies of water: with a very high salt content (about 10 times the average) and rich in minerals, it is located at the lowest point of the globe and has no marine life.

    3. Savon de Marseille Natural French Soap PINEAPPLE & MANGO

      Savon de Marseille is the best soap, made only from vegetable oils- olive, copra and palm vegetable oils. It contains at least 72% oil. It’s enriched with BIO Shea Butter.  It’s gentle on the skin and is often recommended by dermatologists.

      Marseille soap with traditional French receipt.
    4. IT\\\\\\\’S SKIN- The fresh mask sheet BAMBOO

      The cushion pulp sheet includes nutrition from fresh and natural ingredients, giving its own nourishment to the skin as well as solving skin problems. The bamboo leaf containing more than 90% of water, provides moisturizing effect with fresh feeling to dry skin.

      Directions: After the face wash, trim the skin then put mask on the face evenly. About 20~30min later, put mask off from the face and tapping gently remains contents and absorbing it.


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